Our people bring talent, energy and experience to the business and are vital to our success. It is important to us that we make ATG a great place to work, and we regularly engage with our employees to understand their values and concerns.

Our employees understand that how they work is as important as what they deliver, and every member of our team knows what's expected of them and how how can succeed.

This, combined with our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities, make ATG a place where all people can work and thrive in a supportive environment.

Supporting our people

Employee recognition and engagement

Employee performance is recognised through regular performance and objective setting meetings. Employees are rewarded for performance and long service through an employee voucher scheme at key milestones and commendable achievements. 

Employee performance is also celebrated with an annual awards ceremony known as the ATG Spotlight Awards.

Every year we run a company-wide survey to understand employee sentiment and engagement, which is followed by focus groups and actions for the coming year. The most recent survey saw 95% of the respondents stating they enjoy working with their team and 76% feeling favourable to ATG.

Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities

At ATG, we value the differences that a diverse workforce brings to our organisation and are fully committed to the elimination of unlawful and unfair discrimination. We know that our continued success relies on people having a wide range of experience and skills to bring different perspectives, promote innovation and provide constructive challenge. In accordance with our Board diversity policy which can be found on our website at www.auctiontechnologygroup.com, in FY23 we implemented our workforce Diversity & Inclusion (“D&I”) and Equal Opportunities policy. The policy does not discriminate against employees based on gender, race or ethnic origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, pregnancy or maternity, gender identity, disability, marriage or civil partnership, social background, nationality, or political opinion. The Board has oversight of this policy.

In FY23, we launched a series of D&I training and development programmes, as well as establishing a series of networking events. This included two sessions run by female Board members and female senior leaders where over 78 employees attended. The sessions focused on sharing insights into the challenges women face in the workplace. As an action from these sessions, ATG developed a guide and training on appropriate workplace behaviour and set up a global hotline to report any issues. 89% of employees in the engagement survey felt that employees are treated equally regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, religious beliefs and sexual orientation.

Development and training

We ensure that all employees have access to the training they need to support their development. All employees are required to undertake mandatory training annually to ensure they understand their legal and regulatory duties in relation to insider trading, cyber security and data security. In FY23 we launched ATG Academy, our new global learning and development programme, which included 60 carefully designed courses that were bespoke to working at ATG, delivered by our own experts, as we believe that training from such employees can provide a more meaningful and tailored learning experience for roles within ATG.

We also launched a new on boarding programme to help set new employees up for success, which includes a day one induction, 30-day HR check in, a small group lunch or breakfast with the CEO and a thorough Global Orientation session where new employees have the opportunity to meet multiple executives. Professional qualification sponsorship is available for all employees to apply for. During objective-setting periods, employees review training needs with their managers and training will be offered on a case-by-case basis to support specific developmental skills.

Performance reviews are conducted at least twice a year across all employees in the Group by line managers, to enable meaningful discussions about an individual’s progress and career development. Over 80% of the Group received an annual performance evaluation. To support these conversations, we offer access to development plans and 360 feedback tools.

Over the year, over 70 hours of internally provided training were completed by our employees.

ATG supports apprenticeship schemes in the UK and Germany, to offer young people, or those without the opportunity to study further education, a placement at ATG. This provides qualifications, training and on the job corporate experience in entry level roles

Employee benefits

ATG offers employees competitive reward schemes and benefits programmes to ensure that we retain and recruit the best talent. As well as offering competitive remuneration and retirement arrangements, we offer comprehensive physical and mental healthcare benefits such as the provision of eight video counselling sessions with trained therapists each year. We offer our employees hybrid working practices whilst also offering permanent opportunities to work from home for some employees. We also offer flexible working practices for parents and enhanced maternity and paternity packages.

Each employee is rewarded for long service and performance through an employee voucher scheme at key milestones and commendable achievements. Employee performance is also celebrated with an annual awards ceremony known as the ATG Spotlight Awards, bonuses to recognise exceptional commitment to work, as well as the regular celebration of achievements at Group wide All Hands meetings.

This year, ATG launched our first Employee Swag offering where all employees chose from four high-quality apparel or accessory items. Over 300 employees placed orders and items were custom made and fitted with an in-house designed ATG badge. All new joiners will now be offered a piece of ATG Swag in their first three months