Our Culture

Great companies have an intangible quality that sets them apart – their people! We employ those committed to our vision and are energised as a team and as individuals to make an impact for our customers and to lead the evolution of the online auction space.

It is the diverse minds and backgrounds of our people combined with the camaraderie and collaboration with our colleagues that are valued foundation blocks of that energy.


Our Values

Build Trustworthy Relationships

We are professional, reliable and trustworthy in the commitments we make. We respect each other and our bidders, customers & suppliers. Integrity is the cornerstone in all that we do.

Lead Creatively

We are empowered to take the initiative and innovate. We take ownership to deliver.

Raise The Bar

We value results over simple effort, each and every day. We challenge ourselves and others to strive for excellence in all that we do.

Collaborate To Win

We collaborate globally to ensure ATG is the preferred solution in the highly competitive markets in which we operate. We are transparent, open and respectful in our written and verbal communications. We work together to achieve results and to drive the most important initiatives forward.

Work @ ATG



Headquarters in UK
Harlequin Building
65 Southwark Street
London, SE1 0HR
+44 203 725 5500

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North America


Headquarters in US
4411 S 96th St
NE 68127
+1 877 505 7770

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Life @ ATG

We embrace a culture of camaraderie and collaboration. We create an atmosphere of openness and respect. We develop employees to reach their potential.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska publishes machine-readable files on behalf of the Auction Technology Group North America Health Plan. View the machine-readable files here: NebraskaBlue.com/MRFs