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The below forecasts are prepared by sell side analysts and provided to Auction Technology Group plc ("Auction Technology Group"). The consensus data is presented by Auction Technology Group for information purposes only. Auction Technology Group does not endorse, concur or express any view on, or accept any responsibility in respect of, any forecasts or information provided.

The figures included are a simple arithmetic average of the forecasts that have been provided to Auction Technology Group by registered investment analysts. As such, the consensus does not give greater weight to more recent forecasts or to the forecasts of any individual analyst, nor are they adjusted to exclude forecasts that pre-date a significant announcement or event. Although Auction Technology Group will endeavour to procure that the information is kept updated, Auction Technology Group assumes no obligation to update or revise such information to reflect circumstances existing after the date hereof.

Auction Technology Group is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and cannot offer investment advice. Nothing contained herein should be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell shares or other securities of Auction Technology Group, or take or refrain from taking any other action.  When making an investment decision you should seek the advice of an independent financial adviser.

It should be noted that forecasts are by definition forward looking and are therefore subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially from those projected or implied in any forward-looking statement. These risks and uncertainties include, among other factors, changing economic, financial, business or other market conditions. These and other factors could adversely affect the eventual results. Auction Technology Group does not accept any liability for reliance upon, or actions taken based on, any of the information set out in this consensus data and makes no warranty or representation as to the accuracy of the analyst's research, or the reasonableness of any assumptions or projections.

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FY 2024

FY 2025

FY 2026





Adjusted EBITDA1




Adjusted diluted earnings per share2




  1. Adjusted EBITDA represents profit/(loss) before taxation, finance costs, depreciation and amortisation, share-based payment expense and exceptional operating items.
  2. Adjusted diluted earnings per share exclude share-based payment expense, exceptional items (operating and finance), amortisation of acquired intangible assets, and any related tax effects.

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The following analysts have provided updated estimates on Auction Technology Group:

  • JP Morgan – Lara Simpson/ Marcus Diebel
  • Numis – Gareth Davies
  • Peel Hunt - James Lockyer
  • Berenberg - Kurran Aujla
  • Cavendish - Ian McInally
  • Investec - Alastair Reid