ATG seamlessly connects buyers and sellers in the large and fragmented used goods market.

Through our technology platform, ATG simplifies and integrates multiple parts of the auction process: from the cataloguing of items, to auction hosting, bid management, digital marketing, integrated payments and to shipping services.

We offer multiple selling formats and solutions, including timed online-only auctions, live and hybrid auctions and white label solutions.


ATG differentiates itself through its technology, brands, scale and shared success model

Our proprietary auction technology enables auctioneers to efficiently access the online market. We offer unique capabilities including the ability to run a timed online-only auction simultaneously on a white label and an ATG marketplace. As a platform, we can increase the volume of transactions through our marketplaces at minimal additional cost, whilst also sharing best practices across our different brands.

Each of our marketplaces and listing sites are leading brands in their vertical and geography, creating a competitive advantage. Our cost of customer acquisition is low, highlighting the strength of our brands. This brand strength as well as ATG’s strong reputation also provides buyers with a high degree of trust when buying second-hand.

We have a critical mass of buyers and sellers that gives us significant scale advantages. We partner with over 3,900 auctioneers and 4,800 estate sellers and the consistently high retention rates of our customers demonstrate the ongoing value that we offer. Attracted by the largest choice of inventory, we hosted over 338m bidding sessions across all our marketplaces and sites in FY23.

For over 50 years, we have worked in partnership with the auction industry and for over 15 years have been their primary channel to reach the online world. Our shared success model aligns ATG’s ambitions with those of our auctioneer and estate selling partners and helps to ensure the sustainability of our business model.

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