ATG Launches New Auctioneer Support Site


ATG has launched an all-new Auctioneer Support site to help auctioneers manage and optimise their auctions, by using and leveraging ATG’s products and services more fully.

The site is designed to provide a complete self-service support resource for auctioneers and their staff, globally. With 24-hour access the dedicated site will serve as a permanent point of reference for everything auctioneers might need, from ‘how-to’ guides and video tutorials to tools, tips and tricks.

Marika Clemow, Global Operations Director, ATG, said, “We are a true e-commerce partner to auctioneers. That means that as well as providing market-leading products, we are innovating to deliver best-in-class support services. The Auctioneer Support site does just that by giving auctioneers the tools to get the best out of their sales.”

 Through the new portal, auctioneers can:

 • Access ATG’s release notes – so they know exactly what ATG is delivering and when;

• Search for articles to learn a task and gain information;

• View product announcements and release notes as the changes are deployed;

• Utilise helpful tools, tips & tricks to optimise bidding;

• Vote on the articles they find most helpful (or not!) and review popular articles other clients are rating.

And not forgetting the importance of good old-fashioned human contact, for anything they can’t find on the Auctioneer Support site, auctioneers will still be able to pick up the phone to our Customer Service team for live support, or speak to the Global Operations team on live chat, just as they do now.

Auctioneer Support Site
ATG Auctioneer Support site demonstration