ATG launches best in class white label


This month ATG launched its best in class white label giving auctioneers bidding functionality on their website in parallel to listing on ATG’s unrivalled international marketplaces.

GAP White Label allows auctioneers to host and broadcast live and timed auctions on their own websites at the same time as listing on ATG’s marketplaces. The white label powers bidder vetting and registration and benefits from ATG’s rigorous bidder verification and security checks to minimize bidder defaults.

ATG’s new white label works on all devices and includes simple and clean user journeys ensuring that bidders can search, find and bid efficiently on an auctioneer’s website. The white label can also be bespoke to reflect the auctioneer’s branding. John-Paul Savant, CEO of Auction Technology Group commented “We have used the best practise that we’ve developed across our five international marketplaces to optimise the customer experience on our white label. This has been reflected in the excellent feedback we have received from customers. GAP White Label gives the auctioneer the best of both worlds – complete bidding functionality on their website in parallel with bidding on our marketplaces”.

GAP White Label also removes workflow duplication. Auction catalogues and bidders are managed in the same location for both GAP White Label and ATG’s marketplaces. And on auction day, just one clerk is needed to broadcast the auction simultaneously on GAP White Label and ATG’s marketplaces.

In just three months ATG onboarded ten auctioneers including Eddisons, William George, Shepherds, Gavel and Haddon and James and ATG now has a substantial waiting list.

“Eddisons have worked with ATG for a number of years and the resilience of the white label solution provided by ATG, maintained by an exceptional support team, ensures our auctions run professionally and consistently.  While maintaining control over our data, we have seen an increase in the number of bidders through the ability to dual list our auctions on Bidspotter. This has contributed to the market leading outcomes we have delivered for clients while allowing us to focus on developing the business rather than software. “

– James Foster [Finance Director]


“William George acted quickly to take up GAP White Label. It was a simple choice – adopting the latest technology and providing additional features for our customers whilst simultaneously strengthening our brand. It has proved popular and the layout is cleaner and easier to use. For us, attracting new bidders means providing a user interface that removes obstacles to bidding, reduces confusion and makes the whole process more streamlined. GAP White Label allows us to promote our already strong brand and create consistent visual appeal whilst bringing added features and a smoother customer journey.

Jake Margiotta [Business Development Manager]