The Saleroom champions eco-benefits of buying preowned | WatchPro


Becoming eco-friendly and staying on top of your carbon footprint is not only at the forefront of brands' minds, but also now of the consumers too.

Read about our Carbon Impact Report and how buying second-hand wristwatches is good for the planet in WatchPro magazine.

“Our research found that when someone purchases a new mechanical wristwatch, high manufacturing emissions mean that they could be responsible for approximately 0.8 tonnes of CO2e in greenhouse gas emissions. However, when someone chooses to buy pre-owned, there are no manufacturing emissions.”

Adding: “Therefore, if you buy pre-owned, you could save around 0.8 tonnes of CO2e. Considering that the carbon footprint of the average person in the UK is 13 tonnes CO2e, you could be offsetting 6% of your annual carbon emissions just by choosing to buy a pre-owned watch instead of a new one.”

He concluded: “Furthermore, if well looked after, mechanical watches can last upwards of 60 years. A standard mechanical service and repair will have a footprint of around 12 kg CO2e – much lower than buying a new one. So, in terms of what manufacturers can do to reduce their footprint and improve their contribution to a more circular economy, the answer is to make watches that are as easy and carbon effective to repair as possible – so that they last a lifetime.”