‘Please Stop Saying Millennials Killed Antiques’ | House Beautiful


This is very familiar to us. House Beautiful writer Hadley Keller has written an insightful piece that quashes the myth that millenials ‘don’t buy brown’. She says:

“If you’ve read about design at all in the past few years, chances are you’ve come across a headline like “Millennials Don’t Like Brown Furniture.” Or maybe “Today’s Kids Don’t Want Their Parents’ Antiques,” or even, “Millennials Killed Antiques.”

“It’s just one of several things—Applebee’s, canned tuna, home ownership—my generation has been accused of murdering. But, as a millennial entrenched in the design world, and as one who proudly owns several antiques, I’ll say it: All evidence I see suggests that there is very little truth to that.

“Last month, my colleague wrote about the trend of “Grandmillennials“, a portmanteau for the kind of 25-40 year old who prefers chintz to chrome, and would happily eat off of grandma’s passed-down wedding china (guilty!). The internet was abuzz with like-minded people chiming in to own up to their fondness for fanciful antiques.”

Read her full article here.