Investing: take a trip down memory lane in search of better returns | The Guardian and The Observer


Writing for The Guardian and Sunday Observer ‘Cash’ section, Jo Thornhill looks at the boom in demand for antiques, memorabilia and collectibles since the start of lockdown. We helped Jo explore which items are seeing the highest demand, and what is driving these trends. At, we have seen overall demand for collectables up by a fifth.

Auctioneer Richard Winterton has seen high levels of interest in glassware: “We’ve seen huge demand, such as Baxter Whitefriars’ coloured glass. Popular pieces, such as drunken bricklayer vases, were worth £130 but they have tripled in value in recent months.”

Meanwhile, Nicola Whittaker at Fellows Auctioneers reports a “staggering increase” in bidders for watches and jewellery, with items from £30 to £60,000. She says, “There has been a big return in popularity of the brooch. One we sold recently had an estimate of £400-£500 but, after intense bidding, it went for £2,296”.

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Image credit: Richard Winterton.