MEET THE TEAM: Andy Furlong, Chief Marketing Officer

Keeping our teams connected while they work from home has been crucial in recent months, and especially important for new joiners. In the first of our new Meet the Team series, we asked our new Chief Marketing Officer, Andy Furlong, who joined us at the beginning of April, what it’s been like to join ATG at such a unique point in time.

How would you describe your virtual onboarding experience?

A first for me! Four months in and I’ve not been into the office yet. Meeting everyone via video conference has been intense but teams at ATG are used to working with colleagues in different offices anyway, and as an online business I was impressed by how fast the company had adapted to the new ways of collaborating when I joined. Everyone has made themselves fully available, so I’ve quickly felt part of the team. Plus you get quality time on a 1:1 call that you might not get in the office.

What was your first day like and have you been able to get to know your colleagues?

It kicked off with a call with the CEO and then a flow of “get to know you” sessions with key members of the ATG team. Everyone is so used to video calls now that it’s felt natural getting to know people this way. Seeing them in their home environment has helped break down barriers, too.

What has been challenging and what have you enjoyed so far?

The biggest challenge has been juggling video calls whilst trying to get under the skin of the business from a distance. Having said that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting my new colleagues around the world and the virtual environment makes that just as easy with the team in London as with the team in Omaha.

What attracted you to working at ATG?

ATG is already a successful company in its sector but with the ambition and opportunity to become much more in the next few years. Having the opportunity to work in a growth business like this is both exciting and energising.

What three words would you use to describe the ATG culture?

Informal, focused, collaborative

What is your fondest memory of working for ATG since joining?

In my first trans-Atlantic video meeting with the whole Marketing Team we played a version of “Would I lie to you?”. There are some very creative members of the team, I’ll say no more!