18 May 2014

ATG Media has launched its best-in-class payment online technology on i-bidder.com. This brings two major benefits: automated deposits and secure online payments.

Auctioneer customers of i-bidder.com can now automate the process of taking deposits online when bidders register, freeing up valuable time. Once an auction has finished, i-bidder.com automatically refunds deposits to bidders, further reducing back-office workload. An added benefit is a simpler and clearer process for bidders, who can now pay their deposit at the same time as registering for an auction.

Once an auction is complete, the auctioneer emails payment requests to successful bidders. The bidders simply click the ‘pay now’ link in the email and pay using one of the payment cards in their ‘mybidder’ account or by adding a card. The payment is transferred directly to the auctioneer’s e-commerce merchant account.

George Wade, Director of ATG Media’s Industrial and Commercial Division said “Our payment solution has worked well for customers of BidSpotter.co.uk and we’re really excited to be able to offer it to our i-bidder.com customers. It’s been well received as it’s so simple to use and saves so much time”

ATG Media’s payment solution complies with the latest Payment Card Industry regulation and uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure transactions are secure.

To find out more, please contact:

George Wade

David Brindley

Industrial and Commercial Division
Tel: 0203 725 5561    
Email: georgewade@atgmedia.com

Industrial and Commercial Division
Tel: 0203 725 5562
Email: davidbrindley@atgmedia.com

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